A Question from Desi, a parent of one of our students

The question was, “I have triedd looking for what you will be doing in the lessons, week by week, but I cant find a plan, can you tell me more ?”

The answer “Because of the nature of the STEAM educational model we do not set a rigid program. The learning comes out of the groups interest and what came out of the questions in the previous class. It is very dynamic, the mentor is always looking for the most interesting, fulfilling most developmental path trough the subjects in orderr to bring out the competencies that make up te foundation of the material covered. It is for the mentor to deal with diversity, both in the interesta and abilities in the class. Thats why we do not put down lesson plans.


She was very happy with the answer, we hope that you are also 🙂

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    Valorie Mastera

    • Thank you, but at the moment this is not for us, maybe in the future.

      Again, many thanks


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