Please welcome ‘Ala Bala’ to our groups

If you are looking for a location for your child or children in the Geo Milev region of Sofia, plase try here.

We will be delivering there from the new academic year. The people are great as is the location.

For more information, contact us or Elena Kostova on 0888 737782 or mail

Mentor Course Dates 2019. Next from – Sat 21st September

We started with mentors courses on 17th November 2018 now they are every month for all those interested, not only as fully fledged mentors but also our ‘Junior Mentors’.

We have chosen dates to run courses so as to include weekends. That allows people to attend and not to have to take an entire five “work days” in order to attend a course.

Please read the information available on this site and feel free to write or call for more information or specifics which might not have been included, but, which will form the base of a Q & A Section for the future.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. 😀

Just to know that you are NOT TOO LATE 🙂 for the course that starts September 21st 2019 and runs for five days so… get in touch for the September and October courses, final date for October, to be set to allow greatest attendance, but look towards the third week in each month  🙂

A course may be held in Veliko Tarnovo as we have a number of people already booked from there. If you are from that region and would like to get involved, please contact us as early as possible.

After That:

We also have a course being planned for Burgas ( Not sure of dates yet), so, if you are from or near the Black Sea coast, again please get in contact.

New Location Opening in Sofia (First week in Oct)

We have a great new location opening, we hope in the first week of October ( depending on renovation work).

If it is sooner we will of course let you know. 😀

There will be space for multiple groups and a store for STEAM related goodies plus much much more……..

Announcing Our New Partners “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”

Here at we are extremely proud to release information about our ongoing and growing relationship with ” Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”.
Many will know of the outstanding work undertaken by this dedicated team based in Sofia but with International reach and respect.

We have been discussing a number of things with “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”, including the extremely important subject of industry worker “Competency Development Programs”. Something has included in out training to educators and students from day one.

This program of understanding, setting and development of competencies has an impact across all educational programs and business development opportunities no matter the industry and will help in setting the standards not only here in Bulgaria but in the Balkan peninsula.

“Design your Future” @ Gabrovo Event

If you are in or near Gabrovo, Bulgaria at 16:00 on Tuesday 25th come and visit the ” Design your Future Event” being held on the main square.

There will be representatives from education, industry and more in this open to all event hosted by Gabrovo Municipality.

We have been invited and are pleased to say we will be attending. Please come and talk to us about the technical tomorrow we are all part of.


This was a really great and well attended event, congratulations Gabrovo. Everyone was positive and the weather warm and sunny, a perfect afternoon. 🙂

Update, came and find out :0

Lessons Continue. Please read the last post ” Question from Dessi”


The sessions this coming weekend are “Open”, which means we will be trying many topics so our new students can try many things all in one day 🙂

Contact us if you would like your kids to take part. 


Call Gary on 0884 252869

A Question from Desi, a parent of one of our students

The question was, “I have triedd looking for what you will be doing in the lessons, week by week, but I cant find a plan, can you tell me more ?”

The answer “Because of the nature of the STEAM educational model we do not set a rigid program. The learning comes out of the groups interest and what came out of the questions in the previous class. It is very dynamic, the mentor is always looking for the most interesting, fulfilling most developmental path trough the subjects in orderr to bring out the competencies that make up te foundation of the material covered. It is for the mentor to deal with diversity, both in the interesta and abilities in the class. Thats why we do not put down lesson plans.


She was very happy with the answer, we hope that you are also 🙂

Come and try STEAM at our new location from 18th May

As of Saturday 18th May 2019 we will be running STEAM classes in the Institute of Mechanics building in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Our first classes were on the 4th May but next weekend 11th and 12th May please comae and see us at the Sofia Science Festival at the Tech Park.

Until now we have only been delivering in other people’s locations, things are changing and we will be delivering two hour sessions.

If you come to see us at the Sofia Science Festival we can talk there then email us that you are coming

This is your chance to get involved in STEAM. If you would like to sign up email at or call 0884 252869 for more information….

Times are from 10:00 until 12:00 for 7-10 year olds in the morning then 13:00 to 15:00 in the afternoon for 10 – 15 year olds.

“We are going to the Sofia Science Festival “. Come and join in

Sofia Sience Festival

As you might know, the British Council, who have been here in Bulgaria dome 80 years hold a Science Festival each year. The event goes from strength to strength, ever more popular.

We are very happy and proud to be included this year. The whole event runs from the 9th to the 12th May 2019 and the location is in the Sofia Tech Park. You can find details on their official web page at

We will be there only on the Saturday and Sunday, but thats plenty of time to came and see what we do and maybe you can get involved in one of the three workshops each day, we woud like parents to get involved also, this is not just for children, it’s a family event 🙂

Project Support

We want all of our mentors and the mentors of STE(A)M everywhere to succeed. For that reason we have introduced a support strategy that offers services at a realistic price point to you all.

Please take a look at the page for more information and contact us with any questions you might have. Contact details are on the page……. We are here to help. mentors get a reduced rate of course 🙂

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