Autonomous RC Car and Truck Meeting & Competition

Lots of people talk about and get involved in the flying ‘drone’ type events whether its racing ‘FPV’ ( First Person View ) or just flying them to see how far or how high they can go.

Another side of autonomy, and a vey important part is what happens on the ground and on water, it’s that which we want to explore in this event.

In many cases much of the hardware is the same just that the vehicle doesnt, or isnt’intended to leave the ground. Maybe you have heard of the ‘Google Car’ OR Volvo and their intelligent safety systems, but there are so very many more and we would like to see what you can imagine and make.

We will have many people involved in the world of autonomy prepared to give talks and classes in many of the things you could include in your vehicles especially as we will only be having up to 1/5 scale vehicles.

There will be some other rules and categories and they will be posted as they are prepared, but, like the other competitions we are doing you need time to build and plan and get your teams together, so we are mentioning it now.

If you already do this on a professional level and would like to help others improve and enjoy this side of STEAM, please contact us.


Thank you…. and check out the media page for some video info….


The rules are starting to come together now. Mostly we are aiming for safety while at the same time looking for the most freedom and for people to expess their ideas and talents.


We are looking at the following groups;

  • professional level ( Companies, Universities or institutions )
  • Schools ( Anyone in education upto the age of 19 years )
  • Family ( Family groups from grandparents to tiny tots )

The craft;