Cardboard Robot Meeting & Competition

Robots and robotics are a very popular theme for people to get involved in when we talk about the STEAM family of subjects. All of STEAM is needed to get your robot up and working, looking good and able to do the things you and maybe your team were looking to achieve when you started the project.

We really want you to bring any kind of robot, no matter how big or small or what its made from. It can be controlled by any type of microcontroller BUT the competition part of the day ( hopefully the next meet will be two days ) will be for robots which are with all bodies, heads, arms, legs and supports, made from cardboard. The more cardboard and the more original the design and use, the more points. So, get thinking.

A full list of categories and guidelines will be posted as soon as we can.

Well now we want you to show other people what you have done and for them to share what they did, with you. That way, we all get better and make new friends.

We will have experts and people with experience who will share what they know with you. ( If you are such a person and would like to come and help, please contact us, and thank you )

There will be places to see and buy parts to add to your wonderful robots or to make something new. mentors will be there to help and so will our mobile shop.

Come back soon and look for more information and email with ideas…..