Careers in STEAM Education

Careers grow when there is a need for workers in a broad and multi layered work process. Those work processes grow when there are competent people to service and develop the process.

We cannot wait for companies to place their trust in the fact that potential staff will learn whats needed at some point in the future. By being proactive we develop competencies based in practical knowledge and real life experience, we then offer those skills and stimulate new business opportunities here, while at the same time attracting and supporting external investment to use our capable, competent workforce. We need to lead the educational revolution in order for our young of today to be the employed and employers of tomorrow.

Here at we also want to develop opportunities for business. The business includes development and education of those who want to, or need to understand our technology based world. has the aim ” To become the primary trainer and provider of, and supplier to, STEAM and Competency related educators.”  We can obviously not do that alone, we need people who want to develop themselves and educate others. You do not have to have a formal educational background, neither can you realistically just start tomorrow, not and be as effective as possible.

We will assist you through all stages required to get you into role as a mentor delivering quality, much needed education to our youth and others at the same time earning a living.

If you want to get involved please take a look at our information on mentoring and talk to us, no matter where you are in Bulgaria. Thank You.     Find out more…