Competencies, “What are they and Why are they important ?”

While we are all aware how important it is to study and eventually sit an examination, or several. In todays world of technically based industries and ever more technical employment opportunities, the ability to demonstrate what you know and can do is taking over in importance from what a document says you can or should be able to do.

Competencies ( the ability to demostrate an activity or activities that relate to skills and knowledge ) are at the core of our particular version of the STEAM educational model.

Competencies can be learned, demonstrated and recorded for anyone, at any age, young or old.

I will add more on this subject but please, go online and read more about competencies and then come back and either enrole on one of our courses, or think seriously about your children coming to us…

Update…. April 2019

The process continues and we are now working with a number of other industries to build up our comprehensive competencies list, the foundation of our future in the workplace.

Update…. Feb 2019

We are pleased to announce that we are talking to the Bulgarian Automotive Cluster about the need for our future workforce to be as prepared as possible. STEAM and competencies is a large part of the answer to that need.

When our young leave education, whether that is before or after university, we want them to already have a list of competencies that will serve as evidence of their abilities to future employers. They may even have found something that they love to do and may start their own business, at least we hope to be a part of the process that empowers them to have the choice.