Equipment and Materials

What About Equipment and Materials.

All materials sourced by, made by or made on behalf of steampowered.teamĀ  offer maximum flexibility and learning opportunities. All electronics are tried and tested and prepared for use, before leaving our workshops.

Software is tested and run with each and every sensor we supply so that the user knows that the only challenges they face, are planned challenges. ( This saves literally hours of frustration and promotes enjoyable learning ).

The more simple software programs in the projects are written with Bulgarian and English languages.( Making it easier for younger students). Higher level programs in English only, to promote the use of technical English as work progresses in the project.

We will soon open an online store where all of the educational support materials and items can be purchased.

We will be stocking everything needed to get involved in each of the Meetings and Competitions as well as literally hundreds of other items that support STEAM projects and learning……