Events and Competitions

  • We are extremely excited to announce an agreement with RS Components, an international company dealing with electronics, electrical, mechanical, tools test equipment and much more. RS Components will be supporting our program bringing STEAM education to those in Bulgaria who need this knowledge, so , all of us. THANK YOU RS Components !  RS Components Link   (Watch this space for more information)
  • Easter and Summer Schools. We understand how important it is to find something interesting and, if possible, educational for children. Let us and our mentors help.
  • Technology Introduction days. All mentoring locations will open their doors to their local communities for one Sunday in Dec and one in June. ( Starts June 2019 )
  • Parent evenings. Come to classes with your children or grand children. This builds another level of communication and lets you both grow together.
  • Competitions. 

We want you to get included in planned future Local, National and International competitions which we will spread around Bulgaria, not just in Sofia. If you believe that you would like to take part or can help with a location and or other assistance, please get in contact with us. If you are a commercial entity or sponsored or employed by such an entity please contact us by email first.

(SPT =;

( Open to all = Educational entities, Individuals or groups )

  • Technological Art ( SPT only ), May 2019 :: On Line competition ::
  • Tabakoff Rocket Powered Competition ( Open to all ), Summer 2019 ::
  • Paper airplane Distance and Endurance Competition ( Open to all ), April 2019 :: Sofia : AND WE HOPE : Ruse :: Plovdiv ::
  • Outstanding Junior Mentor Competition ( SPT only ), July & Sept :: All Locations ::
  • Cardboard Robot( SPT only ), Sept 2019 :: TBD ::
  • Autonomous RC Car & Truck Competition ( Open to all ), June 2019 :: TBD ::
  • Drone Camp and Competition ( Open to all ), August 2019 :: Sofia ::
  • Mini Bots in Battle Competition ( Open to all ), TBD ::
  • Easter Projects and Summer School ( Open to all ) :: All Locations ::
  • New Group Initiative, Ongoing :: All Locations ::

In the very near future we will post conditions and guidelines / rules but for now to give a flavour of what they will be, they will support safety, fun and educational sharing between like minded people.

Any commercial aim can be considered, but, in an agreed format of exposure for support. ( Sponsorship 🙂  )