Events Until End 2019

Happy New Year¬† ūüėÄ

Well we have been very busy and would like to share what we have been doing with you. 


  • Mentoring¬†

Our mentoring which started in June 2018 ( Link To Article )  continues in Alphabet school where the students have been learning and exploring various things including; 

  • Different qualities of materials¬†
  • Basic aerodynamics¬†
  • Initial stages of electrical circuits¬†
  • Microcontrollers and programming them with Arduino¬†
  • Disassembly¬†of Computers and Printers along with dentification of parts and their role¬†
  • Binary counting and using binary code to build up graphics on an 8 x 8, LED¬†Matrix¬†
  • Stop Frame Animation¬†
  • Making armature frameworks for animated¬†characters¬†¬†
  • Exploring Sound, it‚Äôs speed, uses of Ultra Sonics¬†for¬†measuring and detection¬†
  • Using hand tools including,¬†Dremmel¬†( Used¬†as a¬†grinding¬†cutter and¬†drill )¬†, Pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, spanners, sockets, hex drives. Hot Glue gun and even a Soldering Iron…. !!¬†


Mentoring Course 

We have another mentoring course starting tomorrow and again thanks to¬†the¬†‚Äė Institute¬†of¬†Mechanics,¬†¬†we are running it there.¬†


  • Junior¬†Mentors¬†

Four new ‘junior mentors’ are coming on¬†their¬†initial course and will be joining our number.¬†

The junior mentors fit between the students and the mentor to assist and at the same time experience the important role of supporting peers and younger students. This is developmental for them and closes the age gap between mentors and students 

If you are 14 years old or more, ask about the course. It is a paid course, however our mentors (¬†‚Äústeampower¬†approved‚Ä̬† )¬†will¬†all credit your future modules for the time you give¬†assisting, so it works well¬†for everyone¬†


  • Viden¬†Tabakoff¬†Exhibition¬†

On the 28th January we are opening  of the Viden Tabakoff ( Link ) exhibition in Plovdiv. 

Start time is 4p.m. at “House of Culture ‘ Boris Hristsov'”,( Link ) come along and find out more about our¬†man.¬†

We would also like to invite new mentors to the event as well as our existing mentors from Plovdiv and elsewhere to support the event and to get together. 

For those of you who might not know, We, the Vision for Science and Technology Growth are honored to be the sole carriers of the name of this great engineer and Bulgarian and it’s use in promoting education in engineering and the sciences. Something the whole life of Viden Tabakoff was also dedicated to. 


  • New Opportunity ‚Äė¬†Muzeiko, America for Bulgaria Foundation, Childrens Science Museum, Sofia‚Äô¬†

We are as ever looking for opportunities to spread the STEM & STEAM educational models and are extremely proud to announce that on 16th February we will be presenting at Muzeiko the American for Bulgaria Children’s Science Museum, we are the very first group invited to do so and this will, we trust, be the first of a program of continuing presentations there.

Please come back and check out the dates for the competitions to start, see the pages here in the site.