We would like to introduce you to just some of the people, groups and educational locations currently using our mentors and services.

For MAPS go here Link To Maps

We have been presenting and growing with zetaFORMS since earlier this year and they are extremely commited to STEAM. Website
We have been presenting and growing with “Azbuku” for more than a year and a half now and look forward to many more years working with them. Website
The Brain Academy near the center of Sofia offers a great range of services and has at its head one of our steampowered mentors Dima Website

We have been mentoring the STEAM teacher here during the year and look forward to developing this even further. Website

We have presented here just the once but felt very at home. The students were really smart and welcoming Super !. Website

Step by Step — One of the biggest and most active educational providers in Sofia Website

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