” To become the primary trainer and provider of, and supplier to, STEAM and Competency related educators.”

We believe that this educational model develops three very important character strengths in everyone Competence, Confidence and Credibility , no matter there age. This is one of the reasons we are working, with others, towards a greater awareness and understanding in the decision makers and stakeholders.

The decision makers and stakeholders are the responsible adults of our children, mothers and fathers, grandparents, educators and people in education.

The stakeholders include the above but extend to local and national industries, research facilities and “Others”. We are one of the “Others” and take extremely seriously the role of assisting not only the process of education for those who need it, but also informing the decision makers and stakeholders about the benefits to them and the opportunities offered in getting involved in STEAM, especially our version of STEAM with Entrepreneurship, Finance and Compenencies at the heart.

A huge “Thank you” to our partners who help greatly in this challenge.