If you are just about to plan for a new ‘Maker Space’ or ‘Lab / Classroom’ you may be asking yourself exactly what is best to include and when.

The process is expensive and using your funds well is so important to your long term success. Let us help….

We have a long histort in Management and mentor training and an even longer history in technologies that are part of the STE(A)M subjects.

We have also been delivering STE(A)M her in BG for more than a year to students from 6 years old to 14 years onld. More recently we have been developing content to PhD level.

If you would like to share the questions and have genuine, honest answers to your questions please contact us.

We provide Training courses and products to support STE(A)M mentoring from Initial and support courses for mentors and junior mentors to specific weekend courses in the Scieces, Technologies, Engineering Art and Maths to support you in offering a wider set of subjects to your would be students.

For more information call Gary on 0884 252869 or Email gary@steampowered.team

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