This is the graphic up until the 22nd December 2019.

***  As this is a new office we will be running a mix of options:  ***

Come for a single lesson to see if you enjoy what we do

After a single lesson you can sign up for a 4 week course

Or sign up for the whole period before Christmas break if there are still more than four weeks until the break 

You CAN JOIN at any time and while we cannot cover the material you might have missed again just for you, we will help you get ‘Up to speed’

COST FOR THE COURSE:  Only 10 lv per hour per person

***Some things may change “only where no bookings” have been made***


Courses are designed to take students in different age groups and abilities and dont worry if you find out about this after the start date, you can join mid-course.

The age groups run:

from class year 1 to class 3

from class year 4 to class 6+

Gymnasium and Above

Over a 10 to 14 week period STEAM times include a mix of Robotics, Matrial Sciences, Aerodynamics, Hydraulics, Planning, Electronics, Model Making and much more including Arduino and Programming