This week I was lucky enough to be at the American English Academy her in Lozen, Sofia meeting with staff about including some of what we do in the school year, now that in itself was exciting !.

But, while there the director was good enough to introduce me to some of the parent group who are extremely committed to their children and the school, of course.

From that meeting we have now started planning toward a joint parent, child and teacher evening ( in fact anyone who want to come can ) to get to know more about the STEAM educational model and how we deliver it.

We have been willing and trying to access exactly this type of group and cross section of included parties in order for those people to understand more fully what it is we do and how we do it. To understand the benefits in social, educational, financial, practical and competency experiences that come from involvement.

If you are wondering if this type of evening is for you, I suggest it is, please get in contact and lets move things on together.

Tel: 0884 252869

OR leave a comment below, Thank You 🙂