Partners & Contributors

A message to our Partners

Our Partners & Contributors all have the future of Bulgaria and Bulgarian youth in their hearts. This is demonstrated in part by helping us to prepare our (Bulgarias) current and future workforce for the technical world we all now live in.

“Thank you all for your support in helping make technical education a reality and fun.” 🙂

RS Components founded in the UK and now spanning the World with excellent service and a passion for education and inspiring our future generations.

“Welcome to Bulgaria and thank you” Visit

Run by the very energetic and capable Genka Dimitrova zetaFORMS is one of our most important partners. From regular delivery of sessions to developing STEAM education here with us in Bulgaria Genka does something every day to move things forward. If you have any questions at all about the services she offers please go to her site or call Visit

Here at we are extremely proud to release information about our ongoing and growing relationship with ” Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”.
Many will know of the outstanding work undertaken by this dedicated team based in Sofia but with International reach and respect.

We have been discussing a number of things with “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”, including the extremely important subject of industry worker “Competency Development Programs”. Something has included in out training to educators and students from day one.

This program of understanding, setting and development of competencies has an impact across all educational programs and business development opportunities no matter the industry and will help in setting the standards not only here in Bulgaria but in the Balkan peninsula.

Please welcome ‘ clean code factory ‘ to pur growing family of supporters. For more information about this innovate supportive company our post says more and the image is a link to their site.

Thank you clean code factory for your support and offer of time in your offices for some of our amazing students later in the year.

B2N Your 3D PartnerYour 3D Partner

Bi To Ltd (B2N Ltd) was founded in 2006, providing everything for 3D technologies – printers, scanners, software, consumables and services.

Also very active in their support of industry and the young Visit

“The mark of quality and handmade clothing Maison Saint-HĂ©rem”

Working with us to demonstrate how fashion and STEAM are bound together to produce “World Class”, beautiful clothing and as a role model for the future generations of Bulgarian designers  Visit bringing science to the people and people to science.

Take a look at what they do, its amazing Visit

SGI, Stephen George International Architects joins our supporters Visit

We are pleased to have been chosen as the “STEAM Education Provider of Choice” for the “Vision for Science and Technology Growth” Foundation.  Visit

Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Contributing to science and industry every day, plus supporting  Visit

BRAIN Academy is the first afterschool Daycare center focused on foreign
languages and science in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As a recognized early
education and child care provider BRAIN Academy offers a safe and supportive environment that promotes your child’s development at every
stage. Visit…