Please welcome ‘clean code factory’ to the steampowered family

We are extremely happy to introduce you to another member of our growing family of contributors and supporters “clean code factory”. The clean code factory are, as the name maybe suggests a company with focus on ‘professional programming’ and they have a growing presence here in Sofia.
Added to that presence is the very real desire to contribute to a better tomorrow for Bulgaria and Bulgarian youth. To support that desire we have been given an amazing opportunity for four of our younger students (7 to 11 years) and four older (12 to 16 years) to join their team for four or five days and to experience life as a professional coder. Some mentoring is included as is the opportunity to see, ‘first hand’, where technology is heading.
Please come back and check out how you might get involved or ask your ‘steampowered’ mentor for more information.
If you are reading this and need professional services in this area, please consider working with people who support our aims and objectives such as clean code factory.


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