Firstly, thank you for taking time to come and read what is here, it is for us all and I just want to share some of the things that I know are happening and some which I believe will be interesting for you, for us.

You may have seen this :

Dear STEAM providing friends and colleagues, 
I was lucky enough to talk with many of you over the weekend of the Sofia Science Festival. You might remember an English guy spoke to you about looking forward in a more unified, coherent manner as providers of and to the STEAM movement. 
I also mentioned the possibility of a two day meeting between us all.  In the first day of that meeting having chance to talk to each other and discuss, freely our aims and objectives, hopes and fears as they relate to our inclusion in STEAM. On the second day to meet with the deputy Minister of Education and Science Karina Anguelieva and to set out our position to her and listen to the considerations she is trying to balance and plans for the future. 
I am extremely pleased to say every exhibitor I spoke to agreed to this idea and so did the deputy Minister Karina Anguelieva. 
This is a great opportunity for us to step forward and unify. To offer services and expertise required by the next wave of education reform. In order to be viable at a larger scale, we need to support each other. None of us alone can provide all that is required to all those that require it.  
I suggest that even together we cannot, but, we can be the very strong core of what is required. Together, coherent and credible.

I am currently looking for a location for this meeting and believe I have found one in the Institute of Mechanics where I am part of a research team in Mechatronics. We can accommodate upto 150 people and there are numerous locations for lunch and to walk in the grounds here, and, its cheap 🙂

The next thing is to set a date and if you would be good enough to forward two or three options of when might be best for you I will do my best to consolidate the dates in order to make the event as accessible to as many as possible. It will be pure luck if we all happen to be available the same dates, but lets see.

The dates can include working days of course, or weekends, for my part I am fexible. Some consideration has to be given to th Deputy Minister who has a schedule with certain limitations as do all of us, anyway please send as soon as possible. I will update with a deadline, just not yet.

Please come back regularly and in due course I will add a section here to register interest.

Thank you