Something for the grown ups

Come and try sculpture with us, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 19:00 to 22:00. 

Enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea and release the artist in you. Maybe you have tried painting and enjoyed it OR maybe you just want to try somehing else.

All projects can be finished in one evening and it is not hard physical work with hammers and chistles.

If you are by yourself and would like to socialize or you are a group who already know each other come and be guided through the process. There are many ready designs to copy or add to, otherwise you can do something from your imagination….Its fun and you go home with a statue 🙂

Maximum number 15 +/-

You can book here and see where we are in the map page or write

steampowered team

into Google maps to find us….any questions pplease call Gary on 0884 252869

Nov 17th We are fully booked 🙂 Sorry !

Choose which evening you would like to come and a date. Add any special needs and wewill try to help

Our Timetable From Monday 14th October to Sunday 22nd December

This is the graphic up until the 22nd December 2019.

***  As this is a new office we will be running a mix of options:  ***

Come for a single lesson to see if you enjoy what we do

After a single lesson you can sign up for a 4 week course

Or sign up for the whole period before Christmas break if there are still more than four weeks until the break 

You CAN JOIN at any time and while we cannot cover the material you might have missed again just for you, we will help you get ‘Up to speed’

COST FOR THE COURSE:  Only 10 lv per hour per person

***Some things may change “only where no bookings” have been made***


Courses are designed to take students in different age groups and abilities and dont worry if you find out about this after the start date, you can join mid-course.

The age groups run:

from class year 1 to class 3

from class year 4 to class 6+

Gymnasium and Above

Over a 10 to 14 week period STEAM times include a mix of Robotics, Matrial Sciences, Aerodynamics, Hydraulics, Planning, Electronics, Model Making and much more including Arduino and Programming


Mentor Course Dates 2019. Next in Veliko Tarnovo – 9th November

We started with mentors courses on 17th November 2018 now they are every month for all those interested, not only as fully fledged mentors but also our ‘Junior Mentors’.

We have chosen dates to run courses so as to include weekends. That allows people to attend and not to have to take an entire five “work days” in order to attend a course.

Please read the information available on this site and feel free to write or call for more information or specifics which might not have been included, but, which will form the base of a Q & A Section for the future.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. 😀

Just to know that due to a very busy October the next course that starts will be on 9th November 2019 and will run for five days so… get in touch for the November course 🙂

The course will be held in Veliko Tarnovo as we have a number of people already booked from there. If you are from that region and would like to get involved, please contact us as early as possible.

After That:

We also have a course being planned for Burgas ( Not sure of dates yet), so, if you are from or near the Black Sea coast, again please get in contact.

Project Support “For your STEAM Education Events”

We want all of our mentors and the mentors of STE(A)M everywhere to succeed.

For that reason we have introduced a support strategy that offers services at a realistic price point to you all. We know very well that there are excellent science based educators in Bulgaria. I personally love what I see when we come to the events and festivals.

What we are offering is to offer you technical support to take what you do into an option that includes microcontrollers and sensors with access to expriments in the classroom, from home. We do not want to take your clients, we want you to have more by offering more. Maybe we can ‘Trade’ one of your specialities for on of ours 🙂

Please take a look at the page for more information and contact us with any questions you might have. Contact details are on the page……. We are here STEAM grow. mentors get a reduced rate of course 🙂

Go to the page from Here

Announcing Our New Partners “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”

Here at we are extremely proud to release information about our ongoing and growing relationship with ” Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”.
Many will know of the outstanding work undertaken by this dedicated team based in Sofia but with International reach and respect.

We have been discussing a number of things with “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”, including the extremely important subject of industry worker “Competency Development Programs”. Something has included in out training to educators and students from day one.

This program of understanding, setting and development of competencies has an impact across all educational programs and business development opportunities no matter the industry and will help in setting the standards not only here in Bulgaria but in the Balkan peninsula.

New Consultation Service

If you are just about to plan for a new ‘Maker Space’ or ‘Lab / Classroom’ you may be asking yourself exactly what is best to include and when.

The process is expensive and using your funds well is so important to your long term success. Let us help….

We have a long histort in Management and mentor training and an even longer history in technologies that are part of the STE(A)M subjects.

We have also been delivering STE(A)M her in BG for more than a year to students from 6 years old to 14 years onld. More recently we have been developing content to PhD level.

If you would like to share the questions and have genuine, honest answers to your questions please contact us.

We provide Training courses and products to support STE(A)M mentoring from Initial and support courses for mentors and junior mentors to specific weekend courses in the Scieces, Technologies, Engineering Art and Maths to support you in offering a wider set of subjects to your would be students.

For more information call Gary on 0884 252869 or Email

3D Modelling For The Beginner

Hello to all of you who are visiting looking at 3D Modelling and 3D Printing for information hungry kids out there following our recent lessons.

Below you will find a link to five of the programs intended for younger or inexperienced people to get into 3D Modelling. Please follow the link and the one we used in our inputs was ” TinkerCad “.

You may find that one of the others actually turns out to be more intuitive for you or your youngster, so please do try them rather than deciding its just too hard to do.

Here’s the Link 🙂

Good luck and I suggest a simple one or two block design first, not their favourite cartoon hero. That can come later…. easy first steps…then we can work from there…lots of praise and as few tears as possible 🙂

Chosen as “Sole provider of STEAM” to the “Widen Tabakoff Project”

This project was initiated by:

And supported by the “American Embassy in Sofia “

The foundation are currently circulating an exhibition throughout Bulgaria showcasing the achievements of this great Bulgarian Engineer and teacher. We have been chosen as the sole provider of all STEAM related training for Mentors, students.

In particular the training as it relates to the “Widen Tabakoff Project”, initiated and being actioned by the foundation.

If you dont know who Widen Tabakoff is, please take a look at either the foundation page or find the post here in the site and follow the links there.