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While many people believe that STEAM as an educational model is only for children, the truth is that STEAM actually provides an ideal tool for ‘Management Training and Team Building events’.

Every aspect of team building  and development can be initiated, monitored and used in flexible scenarios to provide evidence from which balanced accurate feedback can be generated and delivered. The beauty of this particular approach is that whether your staff are working in a technical environment or not they will also take away from the exercises new and useful information and skills.

Gary has a long past in management development and can tell you more about our services in this area.

Another Possibility

If your company run a ‘People First’ type program and would like to engage the children of your team in an open day, consider hiring us to run workshops to educate and stimulate their interest in ‘STEAM’, that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

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“Let us support you, in supporting your staff and their children with the ‘STEAM’ Educational Model   

We have been training mentors and delivering STEAM education for more than a year and a half now and would like to offer this as a service to you in support of your staff. 

  • If on those difficult to staff “Bank Holidays” and other holiday times when children are not at school and staff have issues finding care we can provide “On Site” and/ or “Off Site” children development classes in the above subjects. 
  • If you run a “People First” type program we can also provide mentors to support the event and deliver education and entertainment at the same time. 


A Brief of what this actually is: 

STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Here at ‘’ we also add into the mix Entrepreneurship, Finance and very importantly Competencies 

Arguably, even more important than the theoretical elements and practical skills gained in the sessions are the ‘Soft Skills’. ‘Soft Skills’ include communication, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, reliance, teamwork and self confidence. 

Every element is important and the structure of the sessions and the mentoring style assist in enjoyable learning and personal development. Those crucial aspects set up the student for a life of learning and teamwork while stimulating entrepreneurship, leadership and competencies in practical, theoretical and personal skill areas. 

Education based in

 ‘Real projects and Real tasks’ 

 The tasks that form the focus of the inputs are all real world problems or projects, most often and ideally coming from the students themselves.  

As each project develops the students have opportunity to develop their own skills, interests and strengths and also to become aware or other skills and opportunities they may not have previously considered or been interested in. Gaining these skills prepares the children on a road to becoming innovators, employers and scientists  in our  ever-changing technical world. 

 The process of STEAM style education develops the following areas: 

  • Communication Skills 
  • Identification and Definition of the issues to be addressed 
  • Critical thinking and Problem Solving 
  • Solution finding
  • Team Player / Member
  • Planning 
  • Negotiation
  • Patience 
  • Consideration for and appreciation of the contributions of others
  • Technical language (English) 
  • Hands on experiments and learning
  • Time management 
  • Projects dependent skills and Competencies such as programming, use of hand tools, use of materials, working with electronics, using the internet as a tool for communication of data from sensors (IoT, Internet of Things), plus many more.. 


Our standard charge is 10 lv per child / per hour for such events (where there will be a group of minimum 5 children) and which includes materials for all sessions.  

Apart from a suitable classroom and / or space which gives sufficient space to do experiments we do not need any other support from you or your staff. 

 As you can see there are many different projects which all require the core competencies and soft skills to complete. 

Learning on a practical level include development of competencies in ; 

  • Planning 
  • Discussion and decision making as a group 
  • Drawing of plans and getting used to measuring and shapes 
  • Scale representations 
  • Cutting 
  • Glues and fixings 
  • Material qualities and uses 
  • Material science , strength v weight etc. 
  • Electrical circuits 
  • Motors and actuators 
  • Soldering 
  • Flight and aerodynamics 
  • Robotics 
  • Levers 
  • Maths 
  • Art 
  • Hydraulics 
  • Etc…… 

 We will be including a mix of these skills in the tasks that are completed and all students will be given opportunity to involve themselves as deeply as they decide in the tasks and rewards. 


Future Steps: 

  • We are of course more than willing to attend your location and discuss with staff to explain more about what we do and how we go about our work. 
  • You can read more information about STEAM, and our services, here on our website.
  • More information about the courses and STEAM educational model are available by talking to Gary on Tel: 0884 252869 or leave a message from here



  • We can also offer “Gift Vouchers” which can be exchanged by your staff for educational sessions for themselves or their children in our Steampowered Center and other steampowered locations 
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