Services for Corporate Clients

While many people believe that STEAM as an educational model is only for children, the truth is that STEAM actually provides an ideal tool for ‘Management Training and Team Building events’.

Every aspect of team buildingĀ  and development can be initiated, monitored and used in flexible scenarios to provide evidence from which balanced accurate feedback can be generated and delivered. The beauty of this particular approach is that whether your staff are working in a technical environment or not they will also take away from the exercises new and useful information and skills.

Gary has a long past in management development and can tell you more about our services in this area.

Another Possibility

If your company run a ‘People First’ type program and would like to engage the children of your team in an open day, consider hiring us to run workshops to educate and stimulate their interest in ‘STEAM’, that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

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