“STEAM”, is the acronym for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART and MATHS. These subjects naturally go together and have been put into the ‘STEAM’ educational model which is being used Worldwide. It is the model that we have at the core of our mentoring.

At the heart is the focus of learning dircted towards ‘Real Life’ problems and projects in order for that learning to be applicable to real life situations not only locally but worldwide.

Once each group has identified a local problem or relevant project the whole range of subjects are directed into developing an answer and learning competencies in the process.

Additionally we have added what we believe to be the following important elements to STEAM. They are “COMPETENCIES, ENTREAUPENEURSHIP and FINANCIAL AWARENESS.

This produces well developed and experienced CRITICAL AND CREATIVE THINKERS, PROBLEM SOLVERS AND SOLUTION FINDERS and GREAT COMMUNICATORS while TEAM WORKING ready for the transition from education to the workplace as employer or employee.


I contacted a student in Aerospace Engineering at the California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, Lauren P****la in the USA.

I asked what she thought about STEM ( STEAM without the A ) type education and this is what she said:

“Well at my school, everything is hands on since we’re a polytechnic university. So everything we learn about gets applied in labs and projects so that we’re better prepared for the real world.

And I would definitely advise parents to get their kids involved!

Young students should participate in youth STEM competitions and camps that are hosted by many universities. It’ll better prepare them for college and their future after college.”

Thank you Lauren…..