Support for Your Projects

None of us can do everything that might be needed in a project, especially when we have a great group with active and innovative ideas. For that reason we have a support strategy and service to offer when you need it.

In time, you or members of your team will develop a set of skills and competencies that allow you to reach further, wider and deeper into the fantastic range of projects that lie befor you. Right now, today, if you need any of the following services to get you through a project, please get in contact with us, we can help as much or as little as you need.

  1. Electronics design and developmen, sensor choice and safety
  2. Software code development in C, C++, Arduino, Scratch, HTML etc….
  3. 3D Modelling to your design or we can design from your needs
  4. 3D Printing service
  5. Laser Cutting ( Coming Soon ) Plywood, Balsa, Cardboard, Plastic, Cloth, and more
  6. Mechanical design
  7. Maths problems and answers 🙂
  8. Chemistry and Chemicals
  9. Hydraulics
  10. Pneumatics
  11. Internet of Things, Communications, GPS, Monitors and so on….

The point is don’t get stuck simply because at the moment you don’t have the ability to do something, we can and will help. Our costs are low and our abilities are high, we want you to succeed and the students to realize their innovations

If you would like to chat first about any needs you have, just call Gary on 0884 252869 or Email

You are never alone in moving things forward………..and please remember, we might know a supplier or sponsor who might be prepared to help on a project by project basis, so please use us to stretch your reach and our joint potential. Equally, if you or someone in your team has an ability that can be helpful to others, or they would like to work with us in developing it into a course so others can begin to learn, we would really like to know, so would everyone else. We are a group, a team, and we are stronger together……