Teacher Development Courses in STE(A)M

“Teacher Develoment Courses in STE(A)M”, when I discussed this with our growing team, I did so following two visits to one of the schools that we will be providing services to starting June of 2019. The American English Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. They are an excellent international school, forward thinking and ready to develop the delivery of education to meet future needs.

It was that which had them develop and implement a STEAM strategy in 2018. The teacher delivering most of the inputs Martina Nikova was historically an Art teacher with interest in tech. Over the past months we have talked and she and the school director and head of Sciences have been good enough to invite me into the school to look at future collaboration and delivery of a more technical STEAM program.

Two weeks ago I spent time (Two Periods) with Martina and pupils ranging from 10 to 14 years old, it was excellent, informative and fun. Before the students arrived and afterwards we talked about the potential for augmentation of her already programmed lesson plans. Nothing disruptive or too dramatic, simply the potential of adding electronics, to monitor some of the experiments using microcontrollers and sensors then pushing the readings out over the internet to be available on the phones of the students, plus a level of mechanisation to some of the wooden ferris wheels that had been made some weeks earlier.

Martina in turn shared with me a photography process that was simple, safe and very rewarding ‘Cyanotypes’. This is how they look…..

Download a “Brief” below:

Afterwards Martina wrote to me ”
It was so wonderful to have you around! I can see how your mentorship can help me greatly in my teaching. “

I felt wonderful and will be going back this Monday with a handful of IoT ( Internet of Things ) bits and bobs to introduce to Martina and the students. ( Update: Already been and the students were engaged involved and asked for more. A great success )

So this was the catalist that inspired me to develop a number of courses aimed at existing teachers who want to ‘spread their wings a little more inSTE(A)M’.

We can help and in the coming days I will be publishing a number of course titles and abstracts for you to ponder and I hope apply for though the ERASMUS + scheme, for instance. Please also read these pages:

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