What To Expect From Steampowered team Mentors

Our ‘Certified Mentors’, are mentors who have successfully completed a course which requires of them, knowledge, communication skills, passion to educate, ability to identify and record competencies and much more. Other candidates do come on our courses and go away to start groups but only the best are offered the ‘Certified’ level.

These mentors agree to certain guidelines such as, the number of students they mentor in one class, inclusion in the regular assessment and development program we operate to ensure standards and the giving of time to share the experience with adults and other educators.

If a mentor candidate attends one of our courses and simply fails to show or develop sufficiently the skills that we feel will give the best service as a mentor, “Their attendance record reflects that and they either fail or come back for further development”. We will not simply pass someone just because they attended the course.

As well as our assessments we rely on and treat very seriously the feedback of clients.