The Team

Our growing team is made up of an odd array of like minded people.

Gary ( Founder, English, 14 years in Bulgaria) is our technical guy and lesson writer, oh! and management person. A strong link to today’s technologies and a natural born educator currently working in a team of scientists catching rockets and returning them to Earth.

Natalia (Co_Fouunder, Bulgarian ) In the main responsible for our ‘Digital Presence’ and ‘Soft Skills’. Very happy she is now with us.

Petr ( Czech, 7 years in Bulgaria ( Joins us on a project to project basis ) a successful business and marketing professional with a passion for tech and education.

Bozhidar ( Bulgarian ) Internationally educated ( UK and France) a business practitioner in renewable energy currently focused in Oman.

AND OF COURSE our mentorsAs our mentors ‘ Go Live’ their locations and contact details will be on the Map Page. For information about becoming a mentor Read More…