The Team

Our growing team is made up of an odd array of like minded people.

Gary (Sofia / Everywhere) ( Founder, English, 14 years in Bulgaria) is our technical guy and lesson writer, oh! and management person. A strong link to today’s technologies and a natural born educator currently working in a team of scientists catching rockets and returning them to Earth.

Natalia Atanasova (Sofia / Kostenets) (Co_Fouunder, Bulgarian ) In the main responsible for our ‘Digital Presence’ which has seen a transformation since her involvement as you will see if you visit our Facebook page ( ) OR our Instigram page ( ).

She also gives inputs an is one of our  ‘Soft Skills’ specialists. Very happy she is now with us.

Genka Dimitrova (Sofia) (Involved at many levels) Genka is an extremely important part of the team and supports both the mentor courses with valuable inputs as well as finding mentors in various locations. From hands on in the classroom to Administrative roles Genka can be relied on

We will be introducing all of our mentors below:

Martin Sitirov (Sofia) – 

Boryana Milenova (Sofia)

Dima Lydianova-Hristova (Sofia)

Gergana Lambreva-Georgieva (Sofia)

Ida Akarpat ——-Junior Mentor(Sofia)

Ivona Petkova (Sofia)

Jivka Dimitrova (Sofia)

Kirolina Nikolova (Sofia)

Kostadin Kostadinov (Sofia / Kazanluk)

Liyana Zlatanova (Sofia / Pernik)

Maria Peicheva (Sofia)

Militsa Kalibatseva-Petkova (Sofia)

Raya Mitrova (Sofia / Kostenets)

Joana Glevcheva (Sofia)

Rossi Dimitrova ——-Junior Mentor(Sofia)

Teodora Pavlova (Veliko Tarnovo)

TeodoraTodorova (Sofia)

Yavor Penev (Sofia)