“Widen Tabakoff” Rocket Powered Meeting & Competition

Please take a few minuites to go and see the Widen Tabakoff video, a famous Bulgarian Engineer and educator in the field of Rocket and Jet propulsion.

This meetand and compitition is dedicated to his name and memory thanks to the “Vision for Science and Technology Growth” Foundation. They have kindly allowed us to take part in the celibration of his life and work and now as a role model to the youth of Bulgaria.

The event is actually the first in an annual event that will, we hope grow into both a fun social event where people can come and follow their hobby, make new friends, share information and learn new and cool stuff about rockets and rocketeering.

We would like to see rockets in all their different uses, from rocket powered cars, aeroplanes and rockets in their better known shape and form.

Please let us know if you can help with information or ideas. We are also looking for engineers, professionals and experienced rocketeers who might be willing to give talks, lectures and demonstrations to help people grow in the hobby and maybe become a second Widen Tabakoff.

Seperately and after a meeting with the chairman of the Bulgarian Federation for Aero Modelling an agreement has been made to name one of the 2019 Rocket World Cup Rounds ( Held in Bulgaria ) in celebration of Widen Tabakoff. Below are some images and video from the 2018 event.

Many thanks to the Federation, we look forward to moving together.

Bulgarian Aeromodelling Federation
Bulgarian Aeromodelling Federation